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What people are saying:

“Leslie Knight is an exemplary representative of leadership. Leslie has the knowledge, skills, tools, and training acumen to lead a diverse group of volunteers into delivering perfection. Leadership just doesn’t get better than that. We need more people like Leslie in leadership positions.”

~ Barbara Wainwright, CEO Wainwright Global

“I have had a chance to watch Leslie from a distance the past few years. I have seen the “results” from her consulting and examples of “how to do it right” as she works through mutual clients. Leslie Knight is truly an extraordinary talent, an asset with exceptional, intuitive and group developmental skills! 

Leslie’s organizational and team productivity abilities are unsurpassed in her market, and I am told she is irreplaceable to her clients! She serves others and honors her word at a high level and holds those around her to high standards. “Impressive” would be an understatement when it comes to this highly professional and dedicated woman! I would recommend Leslie to any of my clients and to anyone who really want clarity in their business sequencing and enhanced knowledge of organizational and team productivity and efficiency!”

~ David Storrs, CEO The David Storrs Group

“Working with Leslie was an incredible treat! Leslie taught me what it truly meant to work on a high-performance team and how to navigate and incorporate the various nuances, individual character traits and unique perspectives that make each person vital in a team. My experience working with Leslie helped me understand that managing a team requires focus and a listening ear and that patience and clear expectations will ensure your team can function more efficiently when you understand the unique potential that each person has within them.”

~ James McFadden, President Requisite Marketing Group