I have a secret and I’m willing to share!

What keeps you up at night?  Personnel issues? Results? Productivity? Decisions? Conflict? Not enough of you?  What if your team accelerated their performance? How would your business be different?

You already know that it can be different. Are you ready to take the next step? Let us help. We can:

  • Assess the situation
  • Offer recommendations
  • Develop results based measures to track progress
  • Provide customized mentoring or training for you or your team

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Leslie Knight is the founder of Custom Business Success and author of the best seller, Powerful Women: They’re not Men in Drag. Her secret: People, performance and processes. Harness the power of your team so they are the solution to your challenges.

Leslie’s career has spanned 30+ years in various high tech roles from systems programmer (bits and bytes geek) to project manager, implementation strategist, consultant and middle manager. She has worked for Fortune 50 organizations as well as smaller entrepreneurial firms.

Her main focus is developing leaders and helping teams accelerate their performance making the best use of available resources.