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The Gift of Trust

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new mindset to new results written by 3d manWhat would happen to your team, if you gave each member the gift of trust?  Not the type of trust that requires proof…but an authentic trust…a willingness to put yourself in their “hands with the complete and deliberate awareness that you may be disappointed?”[i]

Interesting question, isn’t it? You might be thinking, “You can’t do that.  Everyone has to prove themselves. I won’t trust so-and-so until they prove they are good at ________“.

Do you realize how frustrating it is for your employees  to wait for you to decide to trust them? Do you realize how much more work you take on? Do you realize that as a leader you are impeding the growth of your business, organization or team (or family)?

High performance teams cannot develop without the willingness of the leadership to bestow authentic trust on each member.  Trust empowers the recipient, creates the space for them to step up to meet your expectations and discover their full potential. Trust also frees you to focus on other important tasks, allowing you to be a more effective leader.

The more you trust, the more they step up, the more they grow. It becomes a virtuous cycle of growth that frees you to grow as well.

If you are in a leadership position today, chances are someone took a chance on you.  You didn’t necessarily merit the chance. Remember that feeling? A little anxiety as you took on the task. A sense of accomplishment and pride when you succeeded. That one person’s trust made a difference in your behavior and your life.  The greatest reward though came through the relationship with the one who trusted you.  It expanded and grew deeper. Remember that feeling?

Only an authentic leader can bestow authentic trust. What does your ability to trust say about you?

[i] Degraffenreid, Blazing a Trail to Success: The New Art & Science of Acknowledgment

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