Creating Predictable Performance (in 6 Easy Steps)


Things were going well. Everything finished on time. Everyone had gone home for the night. Job well done.

It’s Monday. The phone rings at 6am.

Things are breaking that were fine the day before.

We had followed our normal processes. The appropriate people were informed and consulted. What could possibly have gone wrong?

Things had always worked before. Or had they?

Over time, our way of doing things evolved informally. A sticky note here. An informal conversation there. A handshake over a beer.

It gave us the illusion of agility. Fighting fires and fixing things became part of the culture…except things didn’t get fixed. They were managed on the fly and did not show up in the results we measured.

It became our “normal.” Then in the course of our normal chaos, a ball was dropped. We had to change.

Have you had one of those moments? Has your team’s performance evolved over time. It’s only a matter of time before something different breaks.

The good news: You don’t have to give up agility to get the same results every time. To create predictable performance:

1) Clearly define the standard of excellence for a result and communicate it to your team. In medicine, the right medication administered in the right way, at the right time, in the right dose to the right person is the standard. The standard for a delivery service is the right package delivered on time to the right address. All of these conditions must be met to produce the desired result. What is the standard for your result(s)?

2)  Define and document the process that supports the standard.

3) Follow the process and empower your team to change what doesn’t work well. Where necessary, define the limits of their authority for implementing change.measure

4)  Measure against the standard.

5) Align your recognition and reward systems to support the behavior you want. .

6) When things don’t work well, go back to #1. Do we have the right standard? If so, then what didn’t work well? Update the process.

That’s all it takes to create predictable performance.

True agility is in managing those things you could not foresee and for which you could not plan. If your organization is used to flying by the seat of their pants, it will take patience and diligence to bring about the change. Your job is to lead them in the direction you wish to go.

Are you ready for predictable performance? If so, let’s talk. Click the link to schedule your complimentary discovery session.

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