Favorite Books

I tend to be an avid reader. Here are some links to books I’ve found helpful. Some are older. Some are newer. All of them are relevant to your career. I’ll be adding to the list. Check back often.

This book is a timeless classic. It was the only transformational book that I read during my career. I was effective. Covey helped me improve my game with the application of principles of which I was unaware. You can easily apply these principles with a little conscious effort and hard work. I promise, it will pay dividends in your personal and professional life.


We all have a little voice in our heads (yes, you have voices). It helps us and can unwittingly hinders us. The absolute best resource for understanding those voices and how to line them up so you achieve more than you thought possible is Shatter Your Speed Limits. Written as a parable, it is filled with practical, easy to apply how-to steps. You’ll enjoy the process and the results! Oh…as a bonus, it helps you understand what is going on inside the heads of the other people in your life.


Are you an introvert or do you know one? Cain does an excellent job explaining how introverts function and their needs. If you need to understand one or as an introvert need to be able to communicate with others, this is a great resource for you.



If you work with or around men, you will enjoy this book. It was originally written to men to help them understand how to work with women. Women have found it useful in helping them work with men. It explains the differences in brain hard wiring and socialization that impact how we work together.