Indispensable, the New Slavery (and 5 Steps to Freedom)


If I have to do part of it, I may as well do all of it…

It takes me less time to do it than to…

If I don’t keep my eye on everything…

A CEO I worked for said those things. I was the only one he trusted, until “it” happened.

Sicker than a dog, I couldn’t perform my duties. My team had to function without me. They did a stellar job. I could not have been more pleased or proud. The CEO realized that my team had my back and I had his. I had created predictable performance with my team.

I was no longer indispensable. I was free. Free to pursue new opportunity. Free to focus on the big picture. Free to be sick and unconcerned. Free.

Are you free? Or indispensable?

If they can’t function without you, you’re a slave. Being indispensable is killing your business and your team.

How do you move from indispensable to free?

Simple, you create predictable performance.

It’s easy and it will take a little effort. Start with one project or task.

⇒Define the result you produce.

⇒Define the steps to produce the result.

⇒Define the decision points in those steps. What happens when things do go 100% correctly? Teach them how to think like you.

⇒Define the boundaries for the authority they need.

⇒Let it go.

Trust them. Mistakes will happen. It is an opportunity to learn and grow.

The greatest benefit: their growth frees you.

You are more valuable to those who work for you when you are focused on the things that only you can do: charting the course for the organization, keeping an eye on trends and threats, ensuring adequate resources are available, etc.

Depositphotos_7360567_originalThe choice is yours: slavery or freedom.

What are your tips or stories about creating predictable performance? Share them in the comments. I’d love to hear from you.

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